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A new iMac could be launched in 2023!

After a considerable period, Apple is about to captivate us with a flagship iMac. The release is expected soon, and here’s all the scoop.
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iOS 16.4 – New features!

Apple has brought in some amazing features with the latest iOS 16.4 update. So, let’s look at some of the interesting ones.
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iPhone 16 leaks are here!

iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to be one of the most expensive iPhones, and there are many reasons for that. Check it out here.
Cool facts about Tim Cook!
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Cool facts about Tim Cook! 🔥

Tim Cook is described as one of the best CEOs the world has ever seen. But there are still some things you may now know about him. So, let’s check that out!
Fascinating facts about the visionary Steve Jobs
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Cool facts about Steve Jobs 😍

Discover the amazing facts about the innovative mind behind Apple, Steve Jobs. Get an insight into his life and the lives he impacted.
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Cool facts about iPad 🔥

It's been more than a decade since the first iPad was released. So here are some interesting facts about one of Apple's most successful hardware.
Apple products that disappointed
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Apple products that failed miserably!

Apple has always been known for its successful products, but that's not always been the case. Here are all the Apple products that failed miserably.
What’s new with HomePod 2nd gen
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Apple HomePod is back 🔙 😍

HomePod 2nd gen has returned for just $299 with additional capabilities like thread radios and Matter compatibility.
Additional connectivit
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5 Things to know about new Mac Mini!

The Mac mini with M2 has better performance and amazing connectivity, and the M2 Pro variant has major improvements, like a 12-core CPU and a 19-core GPU.
Interesting facts about Apple Watch
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Interesting facts about Apple Watch ⌚︎

The Apple Watch is an impressive piece of technology that not only tracks your health but also offers a variety of other features. However, do you know about these fascinating facts about Apple Watch?
Cool facts about AirPods
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Cool facts about AirPods!

You have it on you all the time. But did you know that your AirPods can do things you never imagined? Here are some interesting facts about AirPods you must know.
Cool features Apple released
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Best features from Apple in 2022 😍

Apple released many features in 2022, but some are so good that they need special appreciation. So here are some of the best features Apple released in 2022.
wants a small iPhone
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We may not see iPhone SE 4 in 2023!

In recent weeks, there was high speculation that we might soon see iPhone SE 4, but turns out Apple has other plans for SE 4.
You should check out these iOS 16 features
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What’s new with iOS 16.2?

You can now track your sleep data from the lock screen itself using the Sleep widget. Apple has also added a Medications widget that lets you know when you need to take medication.