Nothing Phone (1) has the Apple logo on its back?  😱

Carl Pei, former OnePlus co-founder, has started his venture ‘Nothing’ and Nothing Phone (1) is the company’s first smartphone.  It comes with a cool transparent design at the back.

The device’s back has an LED lighting system, Glyph interface, that flashes to alert users about calls and notifications. However, Apple fans claim that Nothing (1) has an Apple logo on the back.

Mac and iPhone developer Cabel pointed out on Twitter that Nothing Phone 1’s glowing design is apparently hiding the Apple logo, and the LED stem in the lighting is purely intentional.

When you cover up a few LEDs on the side, you are left with an abstract Apple logo. One Twitter user said it is ‘G’ representing Glyph, the name used by Nothing for its unique LED design.

Did Nothing intentionally hide the Apple logo in its smartphone or is it an accident?  We’re not sure.  What do you think?

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