iOS 17 Lockdown: Unveiling  next-level features

You can now prevent users from accessing the Private Browsing mode in Safari. iOS 17 allows you to set up a secondary authentication wall for the same.

Private browsing in Safari

You can prohibit companies from monitoring your internet activity while surfing in Private Browsing mode in Safari.

Remove tracking parameters

In case you forget your iPhone Passcode accidentally, you have 72 hours to use your old passcode and regain access to your device.

Passcode reset

Apps will now require your permission to access the photo library. Without your permission, these apps can only access a certain number of photos.

Photo library access

The latest Share Password function allows you to give out your passkeys or passwords to your family members and friends via a secure medium.

Share Passwords

You can now decide what apps can access your Calendar preferences. Furthermore, you can choose whether a certain app can only access Calendar events.

Calendar access

A full history of who has accessed doors, locks, sensors, and home activities over the past 30 days can be maintained by users.

Home activity history

Apple has finally enabled its users to save their login credentials with respective biometric data. As a result, you can now use your Face ID or Touch ID to login.


With iOS 17, users no longer need to manually manage the verification codes for various apps and services. The system will automatically get rid of used codes.

Auto-delete verification codes

If you’re a concerned parent or are craving a mindful browser experience, then you’re in luck. iOS 17 now allows you to bar sensitive content from your device completely.

Sensitive Content Warning

With the help of iOS 17, you can reassure your parents or loved ones regarding your arrival at a certain location.

Apple Check In

In the realm of security, Apple has firmly established itself as an unrivaled provider, and its continuous advancements promise an even brighter future.

Future take

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