Everything  iOS 17  will bring for Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is getting interesting updates with iOS 17. Here's a look at all the surprises that await you!

Improved Search

New Search Facility will help you find your favorite podcast episodes in a breeze. Spotify-like experience, now on Apple.

Change in Duration Button

Apple Podcasts will soon have the play and duration button in a single bubble. Keep guessing the reason behind this upgrade.

Podcast Queues

View, reorganize, and clear the items lined up in your Apple Podcasts Queue. It's like a warning for what’s coming next.

Synced Playbacks

Never lose track of your episodes with synced playbacks on Apple Podcasts. Start from where you left off!

New artwork for each episode

iOS 17 upgrade will allow podcast creators to create new artwork for every episode. Creativity at its best!

Connect subscriptions

Apple One, Apple News+ and similar subscriptions can get access to Calm, Bloomberg, and other apps through Podcasts.

In Case you missed!!!