New Dynamic Island Notch  in   iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has ditched the notch in iPhone 14 Pro and replaced it with a pill-shaped cutout with amazing features. Dubbed ‘Dynamic Island,’ here’s how it works.

Dynamic Island is a combination of hardware and software with the new ‘notch’ housing the TrueDepth camera and FaceID within the display rather than being a cutout.

Combination of hardware and software

One of the major functionalities of Dynamic Island highlighted in the Apple event was notifications like calls, messages and alerts popping up in the notch area.


Users can tap on Dynamic Island to expand notifications and check activities like sports scores, FaceTime, battery percentage of AirPods and more.

Interactive notch

Currently, Dynamic Island supports the following apps: ✅ Phone ✅ Music ✅ Maps ✅ Wallet ✅ Voice Memos  ✅ Clock ✅ Lyft

Supported apps

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