New Apple Pencil (USB-C) -  What’s hot; what’s not?

Apple announced an all-new Apple Pencil. What’s special?  USB-C charging!

At just $79, it is one of the most affordable styluses from the Cupertino-giant. Oh, and for students, it’s just $69!

What Apple Pencil (USB-C) offers

Pixel-perfect accuracy

Tilt sensitivity

Low latency


Matte finish with magnetic attachment to iPad

What Apple Pencil (USB-C) lacks

No pressure sensitivity

No wireless charging and pairing

No double-tap functionality


iPad Pro 12.9”  (3rd gen or later)

iPad Pro 11”  (all models)

iPad Air  (4th or later)

iPad  (10th gen)

iPad Mini  (6th gen)

The new Apple Pencil (USB-C) will be made available by early November 2023.

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