Get Live Captions in FaceTime and more with Apple's upcoming aaccessibility features!

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple shared new accessibility features for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac this year. And dare we say, they'll help build more inclusive devices. Tap to know what's coming!

1. Door Detection

This feature lets users locate a door at a new destination and learn how far they are from a door, whether it's open or close, or can be opened by pushing or pulling, etc.

2. Apple Watch Mirroring

It lets you control Apple Watch via iPhone’s assistive features. Another feature is Quick Actions on Watch, allowing you to answer or end a call with a double-pinch gesture.

3. Live Captions

Especially helpful for the hard-of-hearing community, this feature captions audio content in real-time for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, whether in FaceTime calls or chatting with someone next to you.

4. VoiceOver

Apple will add support for 20+ additional languages like Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, etc.

5. Buddy Controller

This feature combines two gaming controllers, allowing multiple players to control the inputs of a single player.

Other features

Siri Pause Time Modify Siri's waiting time for response Voice Control Spelling Mode: Dictate spellings. Sound Recognition: Recognize your home's alarm, doorbell, etc. Apple Books: Customizable options like bolding text, etc.

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