Buying a new iPhone?

Here are things you should consider 👉

Every year iPhone comes out providing the best-in-class performance.  But first, you must carefully decide your requirements!

Know your needs

iPhones no longer come with a power adapter in the box. So, you must ensure you purchase an MFi-certified adapter for your new iPhone.


The base models come with 128GB of storage. Depending on your needs and budget, smartly decide whether you want more physical storage or an iCloud+ plan.


Who would like a crack on their iPhone’s screen? So, don’t make the mistake of not using a case and a screen protector.


Innumerable fake iPhone models have plagued the market; hence, make sure that you buy yours from authorized re-sellers or official Apple Stores.

Third-party sellers

While Android devices gain popularity with huge numbers, Apple is in a completely different league.  Don't hesitate to buy an iPhone with a 12MP camera, as its quality is still excellent.

Pixel war

We are glad you’re getting a new iPhone, and here are some guides that will help you get started:

Great choice!

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