iPhone settings that can save your precious time!

iPhone comes loaded with several useful features to help you in day-to-day life. Here are some iPhone settings that you should tweak to save your precious time and perform tasks efficiently. 

Face ID with mask

Now you can unlock your iPhone’s Face ID without removing your mask. Go to the Settings app Face ID & Passcode Turn on the toggle against “Face ID with a mask”.

Access tools from Control Center

You can add frequently used tools and settings like Low power mode and Notes to the Control Center to use them with just a swipe without visiting the Settings app.

Use Back Tap

Back Tap allows you to perform certain actions, like taking screenshots, just by tapping the back of your iPhone. Go to Settings ➤ Accessibility ➤ Touch and scroll down to Back Tap.

Use Siri to open apps

The iPhone offers accessibility features to control the device using your voice. Go to Settings ➤ Accessibility and then turn on Voice Control option.

Quickly Open Camera Modes 

You can quickly access the portrait mode or video mode of your iPhone’s camera without opening the app. Just tap and hold the camera icon to see different modes.

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