Understanding iPhone camera: Lenses and their purposes

Latest iPhones have two or three lenses in their rear camera module and each has a different purpose.

Here’s when to use which camera lens on your iPhone.

1. Wide-angle lens

The wide-angle lens is the primary lens in your iPhone camera module and it is ideal for day-to-day photography like capturing landscapes and cityscapes.

2. Telephoto lens

The telephoto lens is used for capturing photos of far-away subjects. It is the recommended lens when you want to magnify the content in your frame without zooming.

3. Ultra-wide lens

Ultra-wide lens increases the field of view to increase the amount of content you can capture in a single shot. If you’re close to the subject and unable to capture it in the frame, enable the ultra-wide lens.

How to check the type of lens used in photos on the iPhone?

➤ Open Photos → tap the photo you want to check. ➤ Tap the info icon at the bottom. ➤ You can see the type of lens used under your iPhone model’s name.

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