5 Best iPhone apps for kids with anxiety

Mental well-being is essential. If you have a kid showing signs of anxiety and stress, these iPhone apps can help them get through tough times.

An award-winning app, Calm offers guided meditation, sleep stories by Stephen Fry and others, breathing programs, and more to help lower your child's stress and anxiety, and sleep better.


The app delivers guided mindfulness and meditation, daily motivation, sleep sessions, and coaching by world-renowned experts to help improve your kid's lifestyle.

Simple Habit Sleep, Meditation

Developed by clinical psychologists, MindDoc allows your kid to log mental health and mood and get insights into their symptoms, behavior, and emotional well-being.

MindDoc: Your Companion

Rootd is a holistic app for kids who get panic attacks. It comes with a panic button, journal, lessons to understand anxiety, guided body scans, and more.

Rootd - Panic Attack Relief

Let your child use this app to record their mood, thoughts, etc. It then creates a graph to offer insights about your child. You can even share these findings with a counselor.

Moodtrack Social Diary

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