Shocking iPhone 16 leaks!

While we’re gearing up for the iPhone 15 launch, leaks and rumors around the iPhone 16 series are already out!

Under-screen camera!

There are strong rumors that iPhone 16 Pro will come with a real full-screen display, and the selfie camera and FaceID tech will be underneath it.

iPhone 16 Pro Max will be a rebrand

Rumors suggest that the high-end version of the 16 series will be a rebrand of the iPhone 15 Ultra, which is expected to release this year.

Periscopic Zoom, finally!

Apple is finally bringing the long-awaited feature, but with a twist. The 16 Pro Max is expected to feature a foldable periscopic lens.

Manufactured by LG

The periscopic lens in iPhone 16 Pro Max will be made by LG Innotek.

iPhone 16 series will release around September 2024.

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