How much iPhone 14 Pro actually costs!

14 Pro Max is Apple’s most expensive iPhone so far. But do you know how much it actually costs?  Let’s find out 👇

The A16 Bionic chip costs approximately $11 more than A15, taking the final cost to $57.

The cost of the overall processing unit takes up more than 20% of the total material cost.

iPhone 14 Pro Max  is roughly 3.4% more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple’s self-designed components for iPhone 14 Pro Max account for 22% of the overall bill of material (BOM).

It costs Apple up to $474 to manufacture the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Meanwhile, the sub-6GHz 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max costs Apple up to $454.

Despite the increase in the cost of components, Apple still priced the iPhone 14 Pro Max the same as the 13 Pro Max. That’s sweet!

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