iOS 16 features won’t be available at launch

Apple has already announced iOS 16 with several new features, but there are a few features that won’t be available at launch and will be rolled out sometime later.


Matter, a new smart home standard, will allow interoperability between different smart home devices. Apple announced Matter at WWDC 2022 as a part of iOS 16, but the feature would be delayed.

Live Activities

Live Activities feature of iOS 16 displays real-time information about activities like live game scores, food delivery status, and more. Unfortunately, the feature will be released later this year.


Freeform, a new canvas app that allows users to collaborate in real-time across different devices, won’t be available during the launch. Apple says it’ll be available “later this year.”

SharePlay in Game Center

Apple is expanding its SharePlay feature to Game Center in iOS 16.  Now, you can play games with your friends on a FaceTime call. But, don’t expect the feature at the launch of iOS 16.

New CarPlay 

Apple demoed a new CarPlay that integrates deeply with your car’s hardware to display customizable metrics. Sadly, the feature will roll out to Land Rover, Ford, Audi, and more in 2023.

Web push notifications

In iOS 16, Apple introduced the web push notification feature that would allow web apps to send alerts in the Safari browser like normal apps. The feature will arrive in 2023, as per Apple.

Focus filter

Focus filter in iPadOS 16 will allow you to set restrictions on default apps, including Safari, Calendar, and Messages, according to the ‘Focus’ you have selected. It will not be available at launch.

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