Amazing features coming with iOS 16.4

The latest update of iOS is here with some interesting features. Let us look at some of the best ones!   

New Emojis

iOS 16.4 adds new Unicode 15.0 emojis, which include a shaking face, three new color options for a heart, a donkey, a moose, a jellyfish, and others.

Web Push Notifications

Now, web apps can send push notifications to users, just like the ones from App Store.

Beta Updates Menu

Users can now receive or turn off the latest iOS Public/Developer beta version. To access: Go to General → Software Update.

New Features for Podcasts app

The Channels section now has all subscriptions in one place. The Up Next queue will now provide episode recommendations.

Home app architecture

The Home app architecture gets re-introduced. It was rolled back briefly after being bug-ridden for iOS 16.2.

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