Improve productivity on Mac with Option key!

Option key is the most underrated key on the Mac keyboard, mainly because many haven’t used it to its full potential. But what useful functions can the Option key can perform?  Let’s find out:

Adjust Volume and Brightness manually

Volume:  Option + Shift + Volume Up/Down button Brightness:  Option + Shift + Brightness Up/Down button

See all folders and files inside a nested folder

Press and hold Option and click the arrow symbol near the folder.

Hide/Show Finder Sidebar

Use Option + Command + S to hide the sidebar in Finder app if you find it annoying.

Search files on Mac

Apart from Spotlight, you can use Finder to look for items. Option + Command + Spacebar

Clear Trash without warning

Option + Shift + Command + Delete Note: You won’t be getting any warning, so please be careful and think twice before clearing.

Hide/reveal Dock

Dock interrupting the screen space? Here’s how you can hide/show Dock: Option + Command + D

Delete the word to the left of the insertion point/cursor

Instead of using delete button constantly to delete letters, you can use this key combo to delete the entire word. Option + Delete

Delete the word to the left of the insertion point/cursor

Brightness: Option + brightness up/down Sound preferences: Option + Volume up/down

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