iMac turns 25! Here's a look at the journey so far🚢🏼🚢🏼

Steve Jobs once commented that β€˜i’ in β€˜iMac’ represents internet, individual, instruct, inform and inspire. It was subjective for every user.

The β€œi” in iMac πŸ‘€

Unlike every other boring and beige computer, the first iMac came with a fresh design and quickly grabbed attention!

The idea πŸ’‘

The first iMac had a unique style. It came with a honey-puck mouse and made a bold statement with the multi-color, translucent monitor!

The first iMac πŸ–₯️

Users were upset not to see a floppy drive or USB port in the first iMac. Apple decided to brush it under the carpet with the Flower Power design πŸ˜‰

Flower Power (2001) 🌷

Featuring a dome base, adjustable arm, and head-like screen, the G4 iMac soon became the cutest Apple machine ever.

G4 (2002)

Embracing minimalism, elegance, and sheer skinniness, the iMac G5 set the standard for all iMacs to follow.

G5 (2004)

A swish aluminum enclosure marked a noticeable change for the iMac in 2007, right after the integration of Intel chips in 2006.

Aluminium debut (2007)

Apple's obsession with sleekness led to this design, which is 5mm thin at its thinnest, with a bulge at the back that houses the insides of the machine.

Iconic Slim Unibody (2012)

The M1 iMac was a watershed moment. Apple Silicon chip, improved performance, Β and removal of Apple logo from the chin were the major attractions.

M1 (2021) πŸš€

The iMac has evolved impressively and pushed the industry forward. Whether old or new, it's a great machine. Go ahead, get one for yourself!

Future take βŒ›οΈ

In cased you missed!