Would you Sideload apps on your iPhone ?

At IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022 held in Washington D.C., Apple CEO Tim Cook voiced his concerns related to digital privacy in a rare public speech.

In his speech,  Cook highlighted how the battle for online privacy is the essential one.

"A world without privacy is less imaginative, less empathetic, less innovative, less human."

He also remarked: "Apple is in favor of privacy regulation. We have long been in favor of GDPR, and we applaud any countries that have enacted privacy laws of their own."

But that wasn't it! Cook took this opportunity to highlight Apple's privacy features and share his concerns about allowing sideloading apps on iPhone!

This comes after the Senators have advanced two bills

The American Innovation and Choice Online Act. → The Open App Markets Act.

This could mean major changes to Apple's App Store.

To add to it, the EU officials also recently agreed on the Digital Markets Act - it seeks to prevent unfair competition by tech gatekeepers to promote their services over rivals'.

Cook argued that this would allow data-hungry companies to bypass the App Store's privacy and security protections, leaving iPhone users with insecure apps, potential data tracking, or malware.

He warned:

"If we are forced to let unvetted apps onto iPhone, the unintended consequences will be profound."

However, Tim Cook and Apple received many unfavorable comments over the issue.

Technologist Bruce Schneier claimed that Apple's arguments are "motivated by their own self-interest and not the public interest."

While I agree that allowing users to sideload apps on iPhone could make it the next Android leading to malware and bloatware, I wish Apple would come with a better App Store policy to prevent this.

Currently, the users are polarized. Some support sideloading apps, and others don't. Only time will tell how Apple plans to cope with this situation.

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