Spotify is sharing your data!

Spotify knows EVERY song you've listened to, and what it does with your information may surprise you.

While Spotify customers are busy rocking out, the company has its hands full, benefiting from the data that rocking induces.

(Hint: A surprising amount)

Spotify doesn't sell music. It sells surveillance. Its customers are not musicians and music listeners but advertisers.

It may share users' data with anonymous advertising partners for purposes including, but not confined to, more relevant ads and promoting Spotify in media and advertising published on other online services.

To add some perspective, McKinney, the EFF's director of federal affairs, shared the following example: Suppose you're listening to heartbreaking songs. Spotify will show you ads for Godiva chocolate.

Thankfully, you can stop this without having to delete your account. Log in to Spotify on a web browser → go to Profile → Account → Privacy Settings → toggle off 'Process my personal data for tailored ads.'