How to stay private on iPhone and iPad?

iOS is a closed-source operating system, and it’s considered safer than its counterpart Android. However, a few tips can help you further bolster your security on your iPhone and iPad.

Enable “Require Attention for Face ID” option

This feature only unlocks your iPhone/iPad when you are directly looking at it.  To enable the feature, visit Settings> Face ID & Passcode and then turn on the toggle.

Permissions to apps

Granting extensive permissions of your personal data to apps could put you at risk. Re-evaluate permissions related to location, phone calls, and messages from Settings> Apps.

Safari settings

If you use Safari on iPhone or iPad, you need to enable the following settings:

➤ Block popups ➤ Fraudulent website warning ➤ Prevent cross-site tracking ➤ Check for Apple Pay ➤ Hide IP address


If you frequently use public WiFi networks, it is recommended that you must connect to a VPN to secure data. A VPN service encrypts your internet traffic to secure your data.

Auto-delete messages

You can set your text messages to auto-delete on your iPhone & iPad. The feature offers extra security by preventing intruders from accessing your chats if somehow your device is hacked.

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