How to remove SIM card from iPhone ?

iPhones come with SIM card slots.  However, their placement varies from one model to another. Follow along if swapping SIMs left you astounded.

What do you need to remove the SIM card from iPhone ?

A SIM-eject tool (included in the box)  or A small, bent paper clip.

1.  Original iPhone/iPhone 3G/3GS ➡️ On iPhone's top, between the headphone jack and power button.

Find the SIM card tray on iPhone

2.  Models from iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 Series ➡️ On the iPhone's right side. 3. iPhone 12, 13 and iPhone 14 Series ➡️ On the iPhone's left side.

How to remove SIM card on iPhone ?

1.  Insert the paperclip or eject tool into the small pinhole opening in the SIM tray with little pressure.

2.  Once the tray pops out, pull it and swap your SIM card. Install the SIM in the correct orientation.

3.  Now, re-insert the SIM tray.


✅ If you are from Mainland China, you can insert two nano-SIM cards on either side of the SIM tray. ✅ All iPhone 14 models (U.S.) do not have a built-in SIM card tray.

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