How to buy iPhone storage?

Apple has upgraded the base storage of iPhones from 64GB to 128GB starting from the iPhone 13 series.  If you own a 64GB iPhone, there are chances that you must have filled up the storage.

Also, Apple offers only 5GB of iCloud storage, which is, needless to say, insufficient to store chat backups, videos and photos.  Thankfully, you can buy iPhone storage in the form of iCloud storage.

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that allows you to store photos, videos and more and access them from any Apple device.  Here’s how you can expand your iPhone’s storage using iCloud.

1. Go to Settings > tap your name on the top. 2. Tap iCloud and then select manage storage. 3. Click on Upgrade and Choose storage option. 4. Confirm purchase by making payment.

Steps to buy iPhone storage:

iCloud storage tiers

Apple offers three storage options currently: ➤ 50GB     ➤ 200GB     ➤ 2TB

iCloud storage plan charges

If you planning to buy iCloud storage in the U.S. Here are the charges: ➤ 0.99/mo: 50GB (single user) ➤ $2.99/mo: 200GB (family use) ➤ $9.99/mo: 2TB (family use)

iCloud storage plan charges

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