How to add your business to Apple Maps?

Apple Maps offers a lucrative way to attract users to your business. The company allows you to list your business in about 1,600 commerce categories on the navigation app.

Before proceeding, ensure you have your business’ physical address, phone number, and website handy to fill in the form.

Here is how you can add your business to Apple Maps.

Search for “Apple business register” on the search engine of your choice and tap on ‘Places on Maps’ under the first official link.

➤ Enter your business name in the search box.

➤ If you don’t find the name of your business, click on ‘Add a missing place.

➤ Enter the details of your business, including name, phone number, category

Click on ‘Verify Ownership’ at the top right corner of the page and review the information you’ve entered. 

Click on ‘Next.

Choose a primary contact for your business, enter contact information, and click on Save and Continue.  Allow Apple to place an automated call and enter the four-digit code to verify.

Apple will take some time to review the information and add it to Apple Maps once approved.

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