Breakdown of how Low Power Mode saves battery

Apple offers the ‘Low Power Mode’ feature on iPhones and iPads that reduces power consumption and extends the battery life of the device.

Here’s what changes in your device when you turn on the mode.


➤ Conservative auto-brightness curve is applied.

➤ iPhone/iPad sleeps after 30 seconds of inactivity.

➤ ProMotion Display is limited to 60fps but dynamic refresh rate scaling remains the same.


➤ Two performance cores are disabled.

➤ 4 efficiency cores are downlocked to 1.38GHz.

➤ 2 GPU cores are disabled or all 5 cores are downclocked.

Operating System

➤ App Background refresh rate is optimized to reduce memory consumption.

➤ Background animations are reduced.

➤ The cellular usage policy is optimized to focus on lower power consumption.

The charging speed curve is marginally increased.

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