Apple earned close to $400 billion last year!

Apple is undoubtedly a money-making machine. Last year, they recorded their highest-ever revenue: $394 billion.  These are the streams that contributed to Apple's kitty  in 2022 👉


iPhone continues to be the biggest money-maker for Apple, at more than $183 billion. 

46% percent of the total revenue.

Apple's second-biggest income stream generated more than $78 billion. 

Close to 20% of the total revenue.


While replaced by services, Mac is still Apple's second most selling hardware.

generating close to $40 billion  in revenue.


In 2022, Apple's relatively smaller accessories raked in 

 a total of $35 billion.


iPad produces the least income for Apple. But don't let that fool you. The hardware range has still managed to generate...

close to $30 billion.


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