What we can expect from future AirPods ?

Mark Gurman says

New AirPods can be expected by the second half of 2024.

AirPods as Hearing Aid

Gurman believes Apple is planning to dominate the health market with AirPods and market it as a hearing aid.

With a hardware upgrade, AirPods will amplify nearby speech, let you enable activation at will, and elevate Noise Cancellation.

Release rumors

The said features can be expected in the next rollout 🤩, will cost less 💰 and can be a game-changer.

Apart from existing rumors, here’s what we would like to see the AirPods do in the future 👀🔮

Enhanced Body temperature sensing

For improved tracking, the AirPods may add multiple spots and boost the current measurement.

VO2 max indicator

With a software update, the microphone intake capability can be increased, thereby enabling the measurement of VO2.

Posture monitoring

The current AirPods already have the sensors required for this. Apple should just include the feature with a software update!

Heart rate monitor

Already acing on the Apple Watch, this feature can be expected with the 4th generation of AirPods.

Stress detection

Once the AirPods gets a heart rate monitor, it can measure your galvanic skin response and detect stress levels. Just get it done, Apple!

Potential challenges

► Sourcing parts may be difficult ► Fitting all components in tiny buds ► Maintaining weight battery life

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