5 Futuristic Apple products we want Apple to release soon!

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Staying true to this ideology, Apple thinks ahead of time and has many exciting products in the pipeline. Let's look at them.

Steve Jobs said:

Apple confirmed in 2019 that it is working on ‘some’ kind of Augmented Reality device.  Apple has filed many patents claiming new technologies to provide 3D virtual views.

1. AR/VR Headset

Apple's MacBook patent describes possible future features like a virtual keyboard and iPhone charging. This could open the door to many new possibilities.

2. MacBook with virtual keyboard

Apple may launch a foldable iPhone in the next two years. However, it would be intriguing to see how Apple designs a dust-resistant screen considering it'd fold.

3. Foldable iPhone

Apple introduced AirPower in 2017 as a flat charging bed, but technical issues prevented its launch. Rumors suggest that Apple is working on a multi-device charging solution!

4. AirPower-like charger

Apple announced autonomous cars in 2015. Since then, many rumors have made rounds, like they will be electric and go solar. Apple will allegedly get cars in the market by 2030.

5. Apple Car

Products launching this year

Apple's Self Service Repair store

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