Original iPhone didn't have these features!

The current iPhones are a result of continuous improvements since inception.  Upcoming slides will show key features the 2007 iPhone lacked 👉

Yes, you read that right! No App Store. You could only use pre-installed apps such as Phone, Weather, Notes, Calendar, Photos, and Calculator.

App Store

The original iPhone had Google Maps integrated but lacked turn-by-turn directions because of missing GPS. The iPhone 3G was the first to get this feature.


The fundamental feature of copy-pasting text was not available for iPhones until 2009.  They had to copy Android here, eh?

Copy & Paste

Also, in 2009, iPhone 3GS was the first to get video recording capabilities. Interestingly, the 1st iPhone could only shoot images.

Video recording

While the first iPhone had SMS text messaging, MMS capabilities were held back and rolled out with iPhone OS 3.

MMS support

iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to have a front camera in 2010.  FaceTime video calling was also introduced with it.

Front camera

Customizing the Home Screen wallpaper on an iPhone was impossible till iOS 4 rolled out in 2010.

Home Screen wallpaper

You couldn’t say Hey to Siri on the first iPhone. Because it only made its debut with the iPhone 4S. Surprising, right?


Contrary to everyone's belief, the first iPhone debuted with a 30-pin dock connector! The smaller Lightning port came with iPhone 5 in 2012.

Lightning connector

LED light was brought in with iPhone 4, but the modern Flashlight features were made available with iOS 17 in 2013.  Too late to the party!


Some other notable features that were missing include wireless charging, retina display, Verizon support, Touch/Face ID, and water resistance.

Other missing features

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