Apple Park facts you need to know!

Apple Park is one of the most beautiful HQs in Silicon Valley, and here are some facts about the architectural magnificence 👉

Total cost -  $5 billion 

The land cost about $160 million, and rumors suggest it cost around $5 billion to build.

Long time to complete

There was a five-year planning phase. It took more than 11 years to complete and was opened in 2017.

Apple Park has 4 stories above and 3 below the ground, with a circumference of 1.46 kilometers (0.91 miles).

Environment Friendly

The entire roof is covered with solar panels to produce 17 megawatts of power. Approximately 75% of the energy is consumed during peak hours.

The campus has over 9,000 trees and 309 indigenous tree species.

More than 12,000 employees work at Apple Park.

There are more than 1000 bicycles available for employees to move around the campus.

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