Everything  new with  iOS 17 Beta 2

Update Screen

In Settings, the update screen gives you options to back up your device or enroll in the beta program.

Tap to drop

The most-awaited feature of tapping two iPhones together for AirDrop is here!

Check In features

For clarity, Apple has renamed sharing options to Full and Limited. Full displays the whole route, and Limited indicates just the current location.

App Tips

Native iPhone apps and features now come with tips/guides. For e.g., you will get a suggestion to hold iPhones closer trying to AirDrop.

Music App

Crossfade for Apple Music now offers a slider to control the fade length between songs. The feature did not work in iOS 17 beta 1

Your StandBy your call!

You can now turn off notifications in StandBy mode! Critical alerts are guaranteed even when it's off.

Changes in Location Settings

System Settings gets a mystery feature named MicroLocation, while App Clips Location Confirmation & Standby Clock Faces vanish.

Apple Music Widgets

iOS17 Beta 2 comes with a vibrant array of size options for selecting Apple Music widgets!

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