iOS 17 Journaling App: Rumors & release date

Strong rumors suggest that Apple might introduce its journaling app, currently codenamed ‘Jurassic’, with iOS 17 at WWDC 23.

The scoop

With mental health as the focus, It will analyze your behavior and incidents using all iPhone apps and record them as journal entries. Easy, right?

What will the app do?

The ‘All Day People Discovery’ feature will detect your physical proximity to other people.

Interesting feature

Moreover, the analysis of your activities will take place on-device. Whatever you will do will get noted in the journal without a miss.

Failproof noting

Feel free to use the suggestions offered by Apple to make your journaling a happy and fun ride. Though, the suggestions will vanish after four weeks.

New App | Suggestions

Rumors suggest that Apple will offer its best privacy controls on the journaling app. You can trust Apple with all your secrets!

Improved Privacy

While the Apple geeks are gushing over the speculated feature, Paul Mayne is abhorring the news. Wait, who is he?

Not everyone's happy

Paul is the founder of Day One, a popular journaling app on the App Store.

Day One

With Apple launching its own journaling app, Day One will face stiff competition.   Alexa, please play ‘Traitor’ by Olivia Rodrigo!

Why is Mr Myne upset?

‘It’s always the worst thing to have to hear that you’re about to be Sherlocked’ - said Paul Mayne in an interview.


When Apple Sherlocks an app, it means that the tech leader is planning to develop its own version inspired by the existing third-party app.

What's "Sherlocked"?

As always, you can trust Apple to nail the app. WWDC 2023 can't come sooner! For more on the same, read 👉

Are you excited?

Are you excited?