eSIM vs. Physical SIM

What is eSIM?

eSIM is a programmable SIM that allows users to connect to any cellular plan from any carrier without requiring a physical SIM.

What is a physical SIM?

Physical SIM or Subscriber Identity Module is a smart card that contains unique information about a specified carrier and allows users to use the services of that carrier.

eSIM benefits

eSIM allows you to set up and activate a mobile plan without requiring you to go anywhere. Simply, a QR code needs to be scanned to set up the cellular plan.

eSIM is much more secure than a physical SIM card as it cannot be tampered with, destroyed, or duplicated.

One of the biggest benefits of eSIM is that it can store multiple profiles.  Therefore, you can easily switch from one carrier to another without requiring to change SIM cards.

eSIM is easy to locate in case a user loses their phone or if it is stolen. Network providers can control the eSIM remotely and track them promptly.

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