AirTag sounds  and  meanings

AirTag, the personal tracking device by Apple, emits different sounds to notify users about different actions.

Sounds for setup, location, low battery, Find My, and critical warnings vary, and you need to know what each sound means to use AirTag efficiently.

Tap to know what those different tones mean!

This sound plays when you first set up your AirTag and connect it to a battery.

Feeble beep once

This sound plays when the setup of your AirTag is complete, and it’s ready to use.

Setup complete chime

Find My chime

AirTags emit a continuous Find My chime when attempting to locate an AirTag using the Find My app.

Moving with you

Moving with you chime plays autonomously and denotes that an unknown AirTag is moving with you over time.

Continuous beeping

This sound plays when you locate the unknown AirTag moving with you in the Find My app.

You can watch Apple’s official video to hear how different AirTag tones sound. Click below link....

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