Fascinating facts about the iconic  Steve Jobs

Steve was originally adopted by two lawyers, who backed out later as they wanted a girl. Paul and Clara Jobs were next in line, and they happily accepted Steve.

Almost adopted twice

In 1974, Jobs traveled to India for spiritual enlightenment with Dan Kottke, who later became one of the earliest employees of Apple.

Spiritual connection with India

In his twenties, Jobs embarked on his first entrepreneurial journey, setting the wheels of Apple from his family home's garage.

Started from a garage in 1976

Can you believe the person who significantly influenced the gaming and gadget industries had poor coding skills? That's Steve Job for you!

Coding challenges

In 1983, Apple stunned everyone with new Mac LISA. Although abbreviated "Locally Integrated Software Architecture", Jobs clearly named it after his daughter.

Inspiration behind Mac Lisa

After leaving Apple in 1985, Jobs established another business called NeXt, and the following year he was a key investor in the graphics company Pixar.

Billion-dollar dream NeXt

Steve christened the tech company "Apple" after his favorite fruit.

What’s in a name?

Steve Jobs insisted on having employee ID 0 at Apple, as a competitive drive propelled him to be at the forefront.

Groundbreaking employee zero

Steve Jobs drew a modest $1 annual pay.

Negotiations were always one of Job's strongest qualities. He convinced PepsiCo President John Sculley to resign and join Apple as CEO.

Art of negotiation

Steve was known for his strong belief in privacy and was one of the early critics of companies like Facebook and Google for their lack of respect for personal data.

Early privacy advocate against Facebook and Google

The genius founder of Apple Inc. was named the Most Powerful Man in Business by Fortune magazine in 2007.

Most powerful man in business

In 2015, Danny Boyle’s directorial Steve Jobs garnered Oscar nominations for Michael Fassbender, who played the title role, and the legendary Kate Winslet.

Feature film

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