6 facts you never knew about AirPods!

Go to Settings → Phone → Announce Calls → Headphones Only

Check who’s calling without looking at iPhone

Since its debut, AirPods has been the go-to choice for teens and youngsters.  In 2022, almost 72% of teens who owned iPhones had AirPods. 

More than 70% of American teens use AirPods

AirPods are one of the most searched Apple accessories and have massive popularity worldwide, especially in markets like China.  

Apple’s most popular accessory

Besides being popular, AirPods is sure shot money-making machine for Apple.  The AirPods business is currently valued at a whopping $240 billion!  

AirPods brought more than 20 billion in revenue for Apple! 

Two different pairs of AirPods can play the same music from the same iPhone, thanks to Apple’s AirPlay!

Share Audio with other AirPods or Beats

With the Live Listen option, you can use AirPods to pay more attention to the sounds around you.

AirPods as hearing aids!

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