Clean Energy Charging Feature On iPhone

From iOS 16.1

In the press release of iOS 16, Apple announced that it would roll out a new feature named ‘Clean Energy Charging’ to iPhones. Here’s what we know about the feature so far.

Apple says the Clean Energy Charging feature is aimed at decreasing the carbon footprint of the iPhone by optimizing charging times when users are using cleaner energy sources.

In iOS 16.1, a new background process has been discovered that collects carbon emission data from nearby grids and a carbon emission forecast from a server.

With all the data, iOS 16 will wait for charging grids to become less constrained and allow for charging using the available cleaner energy options.

If you are running iOS 16.1 beta, you can enable the feature by tapping on Settings > Battery > Battery Health and Charging and switching on the toggle against ‘Clean Energy Charging.’

Apple also said that the Clean Energy Charging feature would be exclusive to the U.S. as of now.

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