Can you change Apple Watch's ringtone?

Many Apple Watch users have asked if they could change the default tone on their Watch. After all, it can be dull for many to use the same ringtone as everyone.

Short answer is NO!

You can't customize Apple Watch's ringtone or its haptics. Moreover, you can't even mirror ringtones from the paired iPhone. You must select from its preset tones.

However, you can adjust its sound settings or silence the watch rather than changing the ringtone! Tap the below link to learn how to silence the Apple Watch.

To change haptics:

1. Open Settings on Apple Watch 2. Tap Sounds & Haptics 3. Turn on Haptic Alerts. 4. Select Default or Prominent.

Note: You can also modify the volume.

These were some workarounds to modify the existing ringtones. I hope Apple introduces the ringtone customization option for Apple Watch users soon.