Foldable Apple display may come sooner than expected!

Apple may be slow to bring innovations, but we may see the much-awaited foldable device in 2025! Here's everything you need to know!

Previously, there were strong rumors about a foldable iPad, but it seems that we might see a notebook with a foldable screen!

Rumors suggest a huge 20.5-inch screen that can act like a mini-Studio display when unfolded.  However, the display size, when folded, is unknown.


The new foldable display might be powered by the M3 chip or even the M2 Pro chip to make it the top-tier iPad or notebook!


Rumours also suggest that Apple may provide a carbon fiber kickstand along with the device.

Although it’s too early to call, it is pretty evident that the foldable device will be one of the most expensive devices in Apple’s product line-up.


If things go as expected, we might see the new foldable display announced in 2024 and rolled out by 2025.

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