Is it happening?

16" iPad

The need for 16-inch iPad

The 16-inch iPad is likely to be built for professionals who are into designing, like graphic designers, architects, or interior designers who can use the huge canvas for their creative work.

Advantages of 16-inch iPad

Apple is known to fit massive batteries in larger housings, so a 16-inch iPad is good news for battery life. Another advantage is the possibility of the bigger, better display with a high refresh rate.

Software Possibilities

There are rumors that the 16” iPad will run on the lighter version of macOS, and it is already in development.  Can we expect macOS on iPad?  Time will tell.

Mac replacement?

In recent years, users have seen the iPad as a MacBook replacement.  You can pair the iPad with the Magic Folio and make it act as a computer.

Software transition

Over the years, Apple has been slowly implementing features of the macOS to the iPadOS, like stage manager, universal control, and Folio keyboard with function keys.

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