MicroLED Apple Watch Ultra is in the making!

Apple might roll out a new MicroLED Watch Ultra by late 2024 or early 2025.

According to Mark Gurman

For the first time ever, Apple is planning to build the MicroLED displays in-house.

In-house development

Although the features are not revealed yet, the upcoming MicroLED Watch Ultra is expected to have a 2.1-inch display.


The rumored Watch Ultra could provide brighter and more vibrant colors, where the content might feel “painted on top of the screen.”


As the name suggests, MicroLED will provide a crisp and clear visual via microscopic LEDs focused on individual pixels.


MicroLEDs tend to increase the battery life of Watch Ultra as it’s far more energy efficient than regular LED displays.

Battery life

The lifetime of Watch Ultra is expected to increase exponentially, as there is a much less chance of screen burn-in in MicroLED than in OLED displays.


The pixel-individual lights tend to make the response time faster and provide significant contrast improvements from previous Apple Watches.


While there is no official announcement yet, based on the price point of previous Apple Watches, we can expect the MicroLED Watch Ultra to start at $799.


If Apple transitions to foldable devices in the future, the flexibility of MicroLEDs will make it a considerable choice for upcoming Apple Devices.

Future take

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