Apple Watch Ultra Features

At its ‘Far Out’ event, Apple unveiled a new Apple Watch Ultra with a larger display.  It comes packed with a host of new and amazing features.

Apple has introduced a customizable orange Action Button in Apple Watch Ultra. The button gives access to several features like controlling a workout, Compass Waypoints, and Backtrack.

Action button

A new Wayfinder face in Apple Watch Ultra comes with a time dial that can switch to a live compass.  The new Apple Watch face can house up to eight complications.

Wayfinder face

Apple Watch Ultra is perfect for extreme water sports like scuba diving. Apple Watch Ultra has been certified with the WR100 water-resistant standard for underwater sports.

Support for Water Sports

Apple Watch Ultra comes with three built-in microphones to improve sound quality during voice calls.

3 built-in microphones

The new precision dual-frequency GPS provides an accurate location for calculating distance, pace, and route maps during trekking or extreme sports.

Dual-frequency GPS

Apple has added an 80-decibel Siren that can be activated by pressing the action button. Useful if you want help during distressing situations, the siren can be heard up to 600 feet away.

Emergency Siren

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