Apple's popular legal battles  ⚔️

Apple has been involved in massive legal conflicts over the years.  Here’s a look at some interesting courtroom dramas.

The Beatles' Apple Corps sued Apple Corp in 1978 for trademark infringement. Apple agreed not to enter the music business post-settlement.

Apple vs The Beatles

Apple sued Steve Jobs' company NeXT in 1985 as the company had poached key Apple employees, although it never made it to trial.

Apple vs Steve Jobs

In 1988, Apple sued Microsoft, stating that Windows 2.0 was a blatant rip-off of Mac's user interface. Microsoft ultimately emerged victorious.

Apple vs. Microsoft

In 1994, astronomer Carl Sagan sued Apple for using his name as a codename for the Power Mac 7100, which Sagan lost. Apple changed it to "BHA," short for butt-head astronomer. He sued again to lose again.

Apple vs. Carl Sagan

Cisco sued Apple for using their product name iPhone without their permission. The two companies quickly agreed later.

Apple vs. Cisco

Nokia sued Apple in 2009, alleging that the iPhone infringed on a number of wireless and GSM technologies.  They reached a settlement, and Apple paid an undisclosed royalty to Nokia.

Apple vs. Nokia

Apple sued HTC in 2010 for allegedly copying iPhone's UI, hardware, and architecture. The two companies settled in November 2012.

Apple vs. HTC

In 2011, Apple sued Samsung for infringing the iPhone design and utility patents. While most of the legal suits were won by Apple, some of them are still on 🔥

Apple v. Samsung

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