India 🇮🇳 Welcomes Apple Stores

New Era of Retail Outlets

Location: Jio World Drive Mall, Mumbai, India Inauguration: April 2023 (rumored)    Area: 22,000 sq ft

First Apple Store

Locations: Select CityWalk mall, New Delhi, India  Inauguration: June 2023 (rumored)    Area: 10,000 to 12,000 sq ft

Second outlet

It is expected that Deirdre O'Brien, the SVP of Retail and People, will be present during the launches. CEO Tim Cook’s presence is still uncertain.

VIPs in attendance

► Easy accessibility to Indian users ► Citizens will get job opportunities

Benefits for India

► Indians value and trust physical stores. ► The stores’ exceptional customer service can help them win over Indians. ► Further increase in brand awareness, easy to fight local competitors.

Benefits for Apple

► Regulations require foreign companies to source locally ► Highly competitive market with many established players ► India is a price-sensitive market

Challenges for Apple in India

Expectations for customers:

► Elevated shopping experience with access to products and expert advice from Apple-trained staff. ► Fascinating discounts on Apple products as the cost of making will decrease.

For Apple: Increasing its market share in the country

The job listing!

► Advertising 12 new retail positions in India. ► Full-time and part-time positions. ► Based on LinkedIn posts, at least 5 employees have been hired.

There’s a lot of excitement among Indians regarding the launch of two flagship stores, and it seems like a step in the right direction for Apple!

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