Love-hate relationship between Samsung & Apple

Samsung and Apple have a long history of fights and collaborations. Here are some of the most popular anecdotes.

OG iPhone came with a Samsung processor!

The first iPhone featured a Samsung 32-bit ARM microprocessor, underclocked from its stock 620 MHz to a slower 412 MHz to increase battery life.

First legal fight

Apple sued Samsung in 2011 for allegedly copying the design of their devices.

Samsung’s first allegation against Apple

Samsung alleged that Apple had infringed the former’s patents for mobile communications technologies in 2011.

Samsung is still iPhone’s major display provider.

There are more than 50 ongoing or filed lawsuits in 10 countries between both companies.

Apple and Samsung need each other

Apple needs the finest components from Samsung. On the other hand, Samsung finances its business expansion using the income provided by Apple.

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