Apple ranks #1 in Brand Intimacy 2022 for Tech and Telecom

More than 600 brands were analyzed over 2021 by MBLM in collaboration with Relative Insight and Allen Advanced Analytics.

Apple grabbed the 1st spot in Tech & Telecom category and 3rd spot overall.

Brand Intimacy model is based on five key components

➤ User

➤ Strong Emotional Connection

➤ Archetypes

➤ Stages

➤ Brand Intimacy Quotient

Brand Intimacy 2022 ranking (Tech & Telecom category)

➤ Apple

➤ Sony

➤ Android

➤ Microsoft

➤ Nvidia

Brand Intimacy 2022 ranking (overall)

➤ Disney

➤ Tesla

➤ Apple

➤ Sony

➤ YouTube

The respondents in the survey praised Apple Music and the company’s health and safety features. Users also highlighted that Apple is bringing a positive change in their life.

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