Apple products that disappointed 💔

With great products like iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and many more, you might wonder, has Apple ever failed?  Well, yes.  Here are some of Apple's biggest flops.

This product was clunky, weighed over 16 pounds, and was 4 inches thick. We can call it "portable," but only sarcastically.

Apple's first Laptop!

In 1987, Newton was released as a handwriting input device but failed to perform as promised and became a laughingstock.

Apple Newton

A combination of a gaming console and a networked computer. It bombed due to a slow 14.4 kb/s modem and no support from major game developers.

Apple Pippin

Introduced as a hybrid between Laptop and a PDA, eMate ran the same software as Newton. It was limited to educational institutions, severely limiting its market.

Apple eMate

Apple emphasized the circle aesthetic. The round mouse was eventually discontinued as it was clunky, hard to use, and barely fit users’ hands.

Round Mouse

Partnering with Irish rock legends U2, this special edition iPod had a red click wheel, included U2 content, and band members' signatures engraved. Unfortunately, it didn't rock as expected.

U2 iPod

This Mac Computer mainly failed because it offered too little for its high premium price.

The Power Mac G4 Cube

For its 20th anniversary, this special edition Mac was delivered in a limousine. Priced at $8,000, it only had average specs and thereby failed.

20th anniversary Mac

Introduced in 1993, you could use the 14″ screen as a computer monitor or television, but not both at once. Unfortunately, the $2,000 tag was the biggest reason for its failure.

Macintosh TV

An amazing piece of technology and the first PC to offer a graphical user interface! However, it was priced at >$10,000 and failed!


Designed as a USB competitor, FireWire was marketed as faster than USB. It was not well-accepted and was finally discontinued in 2011.


Ping was a social media network for iTunes users that lets users sample their friend's music and get smart recommendations. It didn’t seem cool and was discontinued after 2 years.

iTunes Ping

eWorld was an online service that combed email, news, software installs, and a bulletin board system.  The users were referred to as "ePeople." Bad marketing and high charges killed eWorld.


It was widely criticized for having tons of physical faults, such as a small casing and lack of a cooling fan, resulting in overheating and eventually its failure.

Apple III

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