iPhone SE 4 is not coming anytime soon!

Several rumors have been circulating lately that Apple will delay the launch of iPhone SE 4 or cancel it altogether.  But why is that so?  Let's find out:  

Although the SE line-up is affordable, it also got attention mainly for retaining Touch ID. So, SE 4 with Face ID might not be as popular and may affect sales.   

Ditching Touch ID could be a mistake

This was proven with the iPhone 12 Mini and 13 Mini. Their sales numbers were lower than expected.  

Not everyone wants a small iPhone

For the SE 4, Apple is yet to decide whether to use LCD or OLED. Until a decision is made, it will be impossible to obtain enough supplies.   

Supply Chain and Display issues

With upgrades, the SE 4 is expected to cost at least $100 more than the SE 3 at $529). Now, because the iPhone 12 is already priced at $59, there could be a clash.

Pricing conundrum

Apple launched SE 3 two years after SE 2, so SE 4 might follow suit. The SE 4 will position well and get attention from potential buyers in 2024.

2-year gap is better 

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