Self Service Repair store launched by Apple in the USA

First announced in November 2021, the Self Service Repair Store is now open. However, it's not available for all Apple devices!

The program is right now exclusive to newer iPhone models.

– iPhone 13 series – iPhone 12 series – iPhone SE 3

This includes:

The online store offers 200+ individual parts and tools, allowing iPhone users (experienced in such repairs) to conduct certain repairs like display, battery, and more at home.

The users are advised to review the repair manuals from Apple Support (link added below), order the essential parts and tools, and even return the replaced parts for recycling!

Things to know: 

- Customers can also rent the tool kits for $49 for a week (free shipping). - Part purchases are tied to the IMEI number of the device that needs repairing.

Apple plans to extend the Self Service Repair store to other countries beginning with Europe later this year.

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