Wish to work at Apple?

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If you are aspiring to land a job at Apple, you need to be aware of the hiring process, interview questions you could be asked, and the skills you need to possess.

As explained by ZDNet, Apple not only hires people with extraordinary technical skills but also looks for soft skills like:

➤ Brilliance ➤ Determination & grit ➤ Team focus ➤ Obsessive curiosity ➤ Idealism

Resume filtering

After an initial stage, Apple filters resume using an automated software, which is why your resume must contain all the relevant keywords and must be machine-readable.

Interview process

➤ There are 3 stages of the interview at Apple. ➤ 15-minute telephonic interview ➤ 6-hour skill test or problem solving assessment ➤ Inter-personal interview with different team members

Describe your achievements

ZDNet says candidates must use a STAR structure to describe their achievements. ➤ Situation: Describe the situation. ➤ Task: Enlist your responsibilities. ➤ Action: Explain the actions you took to address it. ➤ Result: What was the final outcome?

Example of Apple’s interview questions

➤ Tell me about an innovative project you led. ➤ Explain a router to an 8-year-old. ➤ What type of failure have you encountered, and how did you get over it? ➤ Which Apple product is your least favorite and why?

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