The Apple-FedEx debacle

Vic Son, a retired salesman from Boston, purchased an Apple Watch along with 2 years of AppleCare+. But the watch stopped working after 4 months (still under manufacturer warranty).

Son talked to Apple about sending a replacement watch to his home. In exchange, he had to return the defective watch in 2 weeks. After the new watch arrived, he packed & dropped the old watch at FedEx.

The Trauma

Next, Son found a $328 deduction for Apple Watch in his statement. After calling Apple, he found that Apple never received the old watch! He got on a call with FedEx, which is another struggle!

He filed a claim with FedEx and received an email saying:

"upon completing our investigation, we must respectfully decline your claim."

" addendum was added to your contract stating you agreed to not file claims resulting from transportation services..."

It further said:

The Happy Ending!

Apple eventually called Son and apologized for sending him to FedEx. Apple finally paid back his $328 and, as compensation, gave him a pair of AirPods.

While this story had a happy ending, it still makes one wonder about the frustration the person had to go through for no fault. Hopefully, Apple will improve things with FedEx in the future.